November 14, 2016

Web Summit 2016 : Most Exciting Startups

By Tom Kelshaw Director of Innovation

Tom Kelshaw

Tom Kelshaw

Director of Innovation

I beta-tested Snatch AR at Web Summit and I'm excited about the opportunity to encourage casual gamers through product trials, loyalty and retail visitation.

With over 1500 businesses exhibiting at Web Summit, there's a lot of new technology to explore. Tom Kelshaw, Director of Innovation at Maxus, shares his top picks for novel technology, clever solutions or clearly demonstrated product-market fit.  

Over 1500 businesses exhibit at Web Summit, these are Tom Kelshaw’s selection of the most exciting based on novel technology, a clever solution or clearly demonstrated product-market fit.

  • Snatch – An AR treasure-hunt/capture the flag game that bring brands and players together in the real world. It’s Pokemon GO for people that prefer capturing Kanye tickets or Uber credits, not virtual monsters. I beta-tested Snatch AR at Web Summit and I’m excited about the opportunity to encourage casual gamers through product trials, loyalty and retail visitation.
  • Quantum Metric – Online analytics platform that reveals causes and costs of bad design by recording and reviewing web/mobile visits. Competitors include Clicktale, CrazyEgg, and Adobe, but Quantum Metric’s product provides much more advanced capabilities.
  • TheMotion – Automating video creative for online, mobile, and broadcast. A very promising tool for travel, aviation and e-commerce brands using video and re-targeting.
  • StyleBee – Uber for Stylists (Hair, Nails, Makeup). Multifaceted business model for supply-side (the stylists) and lovely interface for buy-side (people with hair, skin or nails). In many countries and communities it’s common for beauty services to be performed in the home, at the client’s convenience.
    • Rock, Pamper, Scissors ‘ Following the same on-demand model and focusing on trusted stylist reviews in the UK market. Great name.
  • – Hybrid bot platform for customer service. Partners humans and bots in a supervised-learning system to help the bots become smarter.
  • Juno Fertility – With many people choosing to have children later, fertility solutions are a growth sector. Juno is an at-home fertility testing kit that combines a mail-in blood drop test with data modeling to report on ovarian viability.
  • Joan – Meeting room booking and management is an annoyance. Using low-cost, resilient and low-energy E-Ink signage, you never need to guess “is this room booked?” again?
  • Tukuoro – Voice input solution with sophisticated intent translation. Talk via phone call, headset or smartwatch. Perfect for fleet workers, drivers or bad weather scenarios where a touchscreen or keyboard interface isn’t practical.
  • Follow Inspiration – Very cool Portuguese company that builds for-purpose robots. There were a few “barista bots” serving the crowds, and their solutions work for shopping carts, telepresence and medical solutions. This is the most impressive robotics tech I’ve seen this year, including CES.
  • Kubo – Winner of the final Pitch Battle. Kubo is a cute coding/STEM robot, designed with accessibility and affordability in mind. Quite lovely.


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